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Ginko the Mushishi | 蟲師のギンコ
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Character Series: Mushi-Shi (This journal could contain spoilers for episode 12 of the anime/chapter 15 of the manga)
Age: appears to be late 20s

Background: It's somewhere between 1700 and 1900 in Japan. Ginko is something between a shaman, a doctor, and a traveling salesman. He lives in a world that overflows with mysterious creatures called "mushi", beings that float in the air, swim in the sea, and crawl in the shadows. Only a handful of humans can see them, but any and all can be potentially affected by their presence. Ginko's made it his job to travel the land and seek out people affected by the mushi and restore balance; he and others who do this are the Mushi-Shi. Ginko himself must keep moving not only because of the demands of his job, but because he is the type of human that seems to attract mushi everywhere he goes; letting too many mushi gather in one place can be a recipe for disaster, so he never stays in one place for too long.

To deal with the mushi he finds, he has various tools at his disposal. Most of these tools are contained in a wooden box he carries on his back; the other tools would be his incredible knack for observance, hypothesis and deduction, as well as his special-made cigarettes (one of which you can almost always find hanging at his mouth) that produce a special smoke-type mushi to ward off other mushi.

(I guess I might as well spell this all out here for future reference and such) Ginko's other crap in his box!:
- Cocoon that can deliver a small parchment of paper to its partner cocoon (in Japan, btw :D ha ha, that'll be odd), for mail.
- Various texts on mushi
- Mushi pins (NINJA) for capturing mushi
- Food
- Large tarp for sealing off a small area
- Random weird things (picked up over his journey) that he can sell for extra food money
- Mini-microscope for looking into small places (like peoples' ears :O)
- Normal-sized microscope for looking at samples

Also, there are actually some mushi that Ginko brought with him! But they won't cause any trouble, he controls them and stuff.

Smoke mushi: The smoke that comes out when he smokes, basically. It swirls around and disperses other mushi and stops them from all gathering together too much.
Ura no ana: He has a messenger-cocoon thingy, which holds a mushi in it that can travel across time and space to deliver a small piece of rolled-up paper to its twin cocoon; a lot like the black and white Mokonas. :D Shouldn't be a problem, as long as the cocoon doesn't break...
Watahiko: OMG I can't believe I forgot about this guy. Ginko captured him after he turned into green goo, and carries him around in a little bottle around his neck. He's also no danger at all, besides bad-mouthing Ginko and humans in general. XD XD XD

Personality: First and foremost, Ginko's motive comes from his quest for knowledge and discovery. It comes from being a Mushi-Shi, but seems to come from some sort of hunger inside of him; he's just a bit of a nerd. Having been doing this job for years and years, he's developed a talent for getting information, either by observation, or through people.

That's not to say that he's malevolent about it, however. In fact, compared to many other Mushi-Shi, Ginko holds the lives of humans *and* the mushi very precious to him. While some would simply destroy a mushi that was causing harm, Ginko would try to find a way to let the mushi and the humans continue each of their lives in peace. "Neither you, nor the mushi, are at fault. You're just each trying to live each of your lives." Still, Ginko will root for the human side if that's what it comes to. After all, it's the survival of the fittest, and Ginko can't sacrifice a human life in favor of the mushi.

After his attitudes on mushi and his job, Ginko is a very laid-back guy who seldom shows strong emotion toward anything less than a life-threatening situation. At one point in the series, he was in the brink of death itself, and what did he say? "Shit. I guess I can't beat this."

Ginko doesn't seem to mind the traveling life, and even when the people he saves occasionally try to ask him to stay a little while longer, he always says thanks but no thanks. Every once in a while, however, there is a glimmer of lonesomeness that shines through his generally blaise expression. To deal with the traveling life, he just makes sure that he isn't wandering aimlessly forever, and creates "purposes" every so often. There's only a few people he's ever come back to visit more than a few times, and it doesn't seem to be solely because they can help out his cause.

This may be simply wild fangirl speculation, but I'm sure enough of myself that I'll stick it in here. In general, Ginko seems to view the human world as an outsider; this is somewhat emphasized by the fact that he is the only character in the series that wears Western-style clothing instead of a kimono. But besides that, he sometimes seems to be a scientist, watching a bunch of beloved mice running around in their cage. That being said, he seems to support the idea of these 'mice' getting together and helping the species grow. :D It's not a very strong point, but he could almost be a closet-matchmaker.

One last thing that might be important to mention is that Ginko has already lost all his memories once, when he was around 9 or 10 years old. All he knows is that he woke up in a forest, all alone, with white hair and one green eye. He remembers realizing that he couldn't remember what he was supposed to do when he was in that situation, and that he couldn't remember his name. He named himself the one thing he could think of; "Ginko".

Item Lost: The first memory he can remember, waking up in that forest; that memory holds the only key he had for finding out what it was that happened to him.

Current job: Science teacher, $15/hr